Request For Quotation

Sniper Wearing AC915 Helmet Dark Duotone

NP Aerospace is requesting proposals for the design, manufacture and supply of a helmet tool as part of a project funded by the European regional Development Fund and the Midlands Engine.

This RFQ is open for 10 working days commencing on 16th June 2021. The closing date is 30th June 2021. If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to apply, please send proposals to

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Details of the RFQ are as follows:

The helmet geometry has the following approximate dimensions:
External Helmet Shell: Length 276.5mm / Width 267mm / Height 192mm

The tooling should comply with the following technical specification:

  1. Manufactured from P20 tooling steel with chrome mould surfaces.
  2. The tool must be capable of working on a 400 Ton hydraulic press.
  3. The ‘front’ of the helmet must face the front of the tool / machine / operator.
  4. Unless they are required for tool function or location, all sharp edges and corners should be removed or ‘broken’.
  5. The total mass of the tool in working order, including transit straps, should not exceed 995 kg.
  6. The width should not exceed 800 mm in working order (including fittings, connections, etc.) and must not exceed 900 mm in working order (including fittings, connections, etc.).
  7. There should be four (4x) mounting holes in the upper tool backplate and four (4x) holes in the lower tool backplate.
  8. Holes for heating / cooling passage connections should be 1” BSPP (female), unless tool capacity demands larger. No sealing face is required. NPA will supply and fit the required connections.
  9. Apertures for the mounting of thermocouples should be designed into each tool half on the rear surface, drilled to a suitable depth to measure tool surface temperature.
  10. The upper tool must have threaded holes for 2 off DIN 580 collared eyebolts.
  11. The supplier must ensure that eyebolts are suitably sized and positioned for symmetrical lifting, at a maximum inclusive angle of 60°, as shown in Figure 1, for the entire ‘transit mass’. NPA will ensure that this is the worst-case lifting arrangement for the eyebolts, preferring to pull directly upwards.
Figure 1 – worst case lifting arrangement.
  1. When lifting, the tool should hang with the top mounting surface approximately horizontal.
  2. The tool may be maneuvered onto the machine directly on the forks of a fork-lift. There should be nothing vulnerable on the underside of the tool.
  3. The tool should be delivered on an appropriate pallet to allow forklift unloading and to protect the base of the tool.
  4. The tool should be suitably protected for the period of transit, and for unloading by NPA in an outdoor location. The unloaded tool will not be left outside.
  5. A permanent identification plate must be fitted showing, in the following order and format:
    o NPA tool number in 10-12 mm high characters. “TOOL. NO. XXXXXX”. The text “TOOL NO.” may be smaller, but not less than 5 mm.
    o Manufacturing completion date in 5-6 mm high characters in the ISO form. “DATE YYYY-MM-DD”.
    o Tool masses in kg, rounded UP to zero decimal places (whole kg).
    o Gross transit mass of complete tool, in working order, including transit straps. “TRANSIT MASS XXX kg” in 10-12 mm high characters.
    o Upper tool mass in working order, without transit straps. “UPPER MASS XXX kg” in 10-12 mm high characters.
    o Lower tool mass in working order, without transit straps. “LOWER MASS XXX kg” in 10-12 mm high characters.
    o Manufacturer’s company name and address in 5-6 mm high characters.
    o The plate should be readable from the ‘front’ of the tool with transit straps in place.
    o The markings should be stamped, embossed, or engraved. Lettering should be deep enough to withstand years of cleaning, etc. without losing legibility.
    o The plate fixing should prevent accidental detachment.

Provisional CAD for the geometry is available upon request and signed NDA.
Proposals should include:
– Cost in GBP
– Leadtime in Weeks from order placement
– Confirmation of full compliance to the technical specification, or if non-compliant to specific points, detail of non-conformity.
– Detail of previous tooling experience and / or references

Proposals will be based on the following criteria (% Weighting):
– Technical Specification (20%)
– Price (20%)
– Supply Timescale (20%)
– Experience / track record (40%)