Vehicle Systems

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Vehicle Systems, Services and Spares

The Vehicle Systems, Services and Spares Business Unit provides support for the global expansion of NP Aerospace military vehicle engineering and technical services operation. The Business Unit specializes in complete vehicle integration and support solutions, including the Protected Mobility Engineering Technical Support (PMETS) contract which places NP Aerospace as engineering authority for the UK Ministry of Defence protected mobility fleet. The VSSS team has over 25 years of experience leading complex military vehicle integrations and has supported over 2,000 vehicle platforms.

PMETS & Post Design Services

The UK MOD PMETS contract was won by NP Aerospace in 2019 as part of a competitive tender and is valued at over £60m. In conjunction with industry partners and vehicle OEMs NP Aerospace is responsible for delivering tasks that maintain and sustain the life of proven military platforms ranging in scale and complexity from lighting systems, software enhancements and communication system upgrades, through to full scale re-engineering programmes such as the Mastiff and Ridgback XC offroad platforms and hybrid demonstrator projects. The model is scalable to other global military fleets.

Our expert knowledge of military vehicle redesign, compliance, obsolescence and safety case management, coupled with agile and adaptive response to customer requirements produces effective post-design modifications, and larger scale engineering programmes which deliver increased capability and advanced through life services

Programme Management & Engineering Innovation

Our team is led by highly professional programme managers and engineers with decades of experience in leading complex military vehicle projects. This covers the complete vehicle integration process, from new build vehicles to major system upgrades and support services. NP Aerospace continues to attract new engineers and innovation experts from across the automotive industry to work on new projects.

Systems Design and Integration

Our extensive engineering and collaborative OEM approach to military vehicle integration expertise allows us to integrate complex survivability, electronic and mission systems to meet customer specific requirements.

We Deliver a Complete Vehicle Integration and Support Service, Incorporating a Wide Range of Expertise.

Vehicle Armour Design and Integration

NP Aerospace offers an extensive portfolio of vehicle and platform armour including spall liner and add on armour. We design, manufacture and install our advanced multi-hit composite CAMAC platform armour, delivering outstanding protection at up to 50% less weight than equivalent steel alternatives. We are experts at designing and integrating high performance CAMAC armour onto a range of military vehicle platforms globally.

NP Aerospace continues to invest in new technological developments and research, in-house and with academia, reinforcing our position as a leading survivability partner for global OEMs from combat vehicles to combat service support vehicles in all categories and at all protection levels.

Testing and Certification

Our Vehicle Systems, Services & Spares site in Coventry in the UK has built a reputation for delivering best in class engineering services and meets stringent MoD classified, security conditions. Located less than twenty miles from the HORIBA-Mira world class military vehicle proving ground, we conduct robust testing and battlefield certification trials, and work in partnership with the Armed Forces on existing and new developments. Our onsite facilities at our Composites & Armour Systems headquarters in Coventry also include an ISO 17025 accredited UKAS Ballistics Range for armour testing and validation.

Integrated Logistics Support

We supported the majority of the MoD Protected Mobility fleet for over a decade on Operations. Our integrated logistics support disciplines incorporate a range of critical services including supportability analysis, obsolescence management, configuration management and support solution tailoring.

Complete Logistics & Spares Capabilities

Our military vehicle engineering knowledge and supply chain excellence allows us to source spares to meet urgent customer requirements. Our onsite scalable, secure warehouse facility allows us to efficiently respond to urgent customer demands and provide turnaround in whatever timescale is required. Having supported NATO Governments in numerous conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan we are well versed in delivering platform upgrades for Urgent Operational Requirements

Post Design Services

We are efficiently delivering Mastiff Post Design Services. Our expert knowledge of military vehicle

redesign, compliance, obsolescence and safety case management, coupled with agile and adaptive response to customer requirements produces effective post-design modifications, increased capability and through life services.

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