Material Selection

Material Selection Dark Duotone

Complex Hybrid Structures

NP Aerospace maintains a close relationship with some of the world’s largest composite material suppliers in order to ensure we provide the most up to date technical solutions to any design specification.

Our knowledge of the supply chain processes enables us to optimise product performance through definition of unique fibre and resin combinations allowing us to produce complex hybrid structures.

Fibre Selection

Close liaison with material manufacturers allows us to select the fibre type and orientation (woven/Unidirectional) to suit the structural requirements. These links also enable us to specify unique hybrids to further optimise laminate constructions.

Weaving and Resin Application

Once the fibre type has been selected we engage with the supply chain to select the appropriate resin system for the component. This enables fine tuning of the flammability, structural and visual properties of the finished component to suit each potential application.