Verification and Validation

Validation Dark Duotone

Rapid Development

Our on-site laboratory is equipped with a variety of test rigs, ranging from tensile/compressive loading equipment to dynamic impact resistance. To complement this we have a wide range of defect monitoring and assessment equipment to enable rapid development of product designs.

Instron 6027

With a selection of standard tensile and compressive test fixtures, alongside bespoke rigs for large test items, we can test components and materials up to a 200kN maximum load.

Instron 8871

Repetitive loading test rig complete with a range of jigs and load cells for fatigue testing.

Impact Drop Rig

Specially developed to test impact resistance of our helmet systems and compare damage tolerance of different composite constructions.

LK Automated CMM

Coordinate Measuring Machine capable of carrying out component assessment to an accuracy of 0.001mm.

OGP Optical Gauging Machine

Visual inspection of small components to an accuracy of 3µm.