CAMAC Composite Survivability Capsules

TATA LAMV Pod Internal Dark Duotone

Lightweight Solution

CAMAC Composite Survivability Capsules, developed from unique composite materials and resin formulations provide a key weight reduction enabler for armoured vehicles, weighing up to 50% less than the equivalent steel solution.

Tata Survivability Pod

Improve Crew Survivability

Further to reduced weight, the CAMAC composite survivability capsules offer improved protection against behind armour effects through inherent spall protection and offers a field repairable solution.

CAMAC composite survivability capsules are custom built to integrate with unique platform requirements and have been used to reduce weight and improve crew survivability across a number of platforms.

Experts in Composite Survivability Capsules

NP Aerospace has more expertise in composite survivability capsules than any other company in the world, with combat vehicles integrating CAMAC composite survivability capsules first fielded in 1990.

TATA LAMV Pod Internal

Key Features

Download The CAMAC Brochure

For more information about the CAMAC range of products, download the CAMAC brochure via the link below.