Advanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform — CAMAC

Semi Structural Armour Dark Duotone

Combat Proven

Engineered using a unique combination of advanced ceramic and structural composite materials, our high performance, combat proven CAMAC platform armour delivers outstanding, multi-hit performance at up to 50% less weight than equivalent steel products for land, sea and air platforms.

We have extensive engineering capability to design complete custom composite armour systems to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our armour systems are tailored to the requirements of the threat, the individual platform and its operational duties. Our capabilities include:

We engineer CAMAC platform armour to deliver multi-hit protection against a range of threats, including:


Supplementing our leading military vehicle integration capability, we also design and manufacture ultra-lightweight composite CAMAC Platform Armour.

Suitable for land, sea and air platforms, CAMAC armour is up to 50% lighter than the equivalent steel protection. CAMAC armour is designed to meet customer specific requirements and is available as spall liner, appliqué armour, semi-structural armour or fully integrated composite survivability capsules.

CAMAC Spall Liner

CAMAC Applique Armour

CAMAC Semi-Structural Armour

CAMAC Composite Survivability Capsules

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For more information about the CAMAC range of products, download the CAMAC brochure via the link below.

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