3020 ELITE

Wearing 4020 Elite Dark Duotone

Lightweight Solution

The 3020 Elite EOD search suit offers a lightweight solution to enable extended duration bomb disposal missions in a high threat environment. The suit provides high levels protection against blast, low speed impact, fragment penetration and flame immersion.

3020 Elite

Designed for Extended Wear

The lightweight design of the 3020 Elite delivers enhanced protection for extensive bomb disposal search missions. The suit’s jacket and trousers both feature an outer shell and inner garment. The Nomex® outer shell provides the wearer with first line defence against the tearing effects of dynamic blast, flash and flame. The inner layer protects against fragments. This ensures constant protection for the operator during search operations. There are pouches for soft armour on the trousers, and MOLLE strips on the front of the jacket allow users to carry extra equipment and accessories.

Utilisation of Interchangeable Body Armour

Improved operational flexibility is delivered through the integration of armour pouches, allowing scalable armour to be added in accordance with the threat level. NP Aerospace’s ultra-lightweight LASA® LWB III+ or LASA® LWA IV+ body armour plates can be attached to the front and back of the 3020 Elite, to increase protection.

Flexibility and Mobility

The 3020 Elite has been designed to deliver outstanding flexibility and manoeuvrability, reducing operator fatigue and allowing maneuverers such as climbing ladders, crawling and crouching, whilst maintaining constant protection.

Searching With 3020 Elite

Spine Protection

The integrated spine protector in the 3020 Elite provides blunt trauma protection to the operator in the event of a blast.

Further Enhancement with Accessories

Additional capability can be added to the 3020 including a forced air ventilation, cooling vests, cameras, communication systems and lighting systems.

Download The 3020 Elite Datasheet

For more information about the 3020 Elite, download the datasheet via the link below.

Download The EOD Brochure

For more information about the EOD suits range, download the EOD Brochure via the link below.