De-mining Apron

The 2010 de-mining apron and leg protection provides high level safety for de-mining operations. Designed for extended wear and comfort, the backless design allows for unrestricted air-flow.

The apron protects the user’s upper body and knees; it is adjustable in two positions to enhance comfort. The 2010 helmet and visor provide protection to the user’s face.  Additional enhanced protection is achieved through optional long sleeves and leg protection, as well as a variety of helmet and visor options.

The 2010 comes with an apron, headband and visor and short-arms as standard.  For enhanced protection, long arms and leg protection is available.

Effective Protection for De-mining

The apron is adjustable in two places providing a customised fit whilst maintaining constant protection. Additional protection is achieved through optional long sleeves and leg protection.

User Comfort and Ventilation

The unique backless design of the apron enables unrestricted airflow and ventilation to the operator in warm climates. This provides comfort and cooling for endurance operations and reduces the effects of fatigue.

Customised Helmet Options for Specific Mission Requirements

The 2010 is compatible with a variety of helmets to deliver mission specific protection. Helmet options vary from a headband with visor (250m/s protection from visor), bump helmet with visor (250m/s protection from visor), or a ballistic helmet with visor (helmet 600m/s protection, visor options 250/450/600m/s)

Download the Datasheet

For more information about our 2010 De-Mining Apron please download the datasheet.

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