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Wearing 4020 Elite Dark Duotone

Maximum Protection

The NP Aerospace portfolio of bomb suits delivers high performance, proven solutions for bomb disposal, tactical search missions, and demining operations. Through integrating leading-edge composite materials and world-class EOD engineering, our bomb disposal suits combine maximum protection with class-leading ergonomic performance and are tested in the most extreme of environments. Since launching our first bomb disposal in 2004 for British Forces in Northern Ireland, they have become a key part of the survivability portfolio and are trusted by thousands of operators worldwide.

Our bomb disposal suit portfolio comprises of a number of variants:

4030 ELITE

The 4030 ELITE is our next generation Bomb Disposal Suit and Helmet System offering 360° protection from the four main aspects of an explosion: fragmentation, overpressure, blast wind and heat radiation. Developed in response to global user feedback and using cutting edge EOD technology, it is fully certified to NIJ 0117.01 by the Safety Equipment Institute. The 4030 ELITE delivers superior survivability, enhanced ergonomics at a reduced weight and platform configurability and scalability.

4020 ELITE

The 4020 ELITE is a high protection bomb disposal suit, protecting the EOD technician whilst delivering outstanding flexibility and manoeuvrability. Key features include integrated cooling to reduce operator fatigue, a high performance helmet incorporating demisting technology and a quick release mechanism allowing for suit removal, unaided in less than 20 seconds.

3020 ELITE

The 3020 EOD tactical search suit offers a lightweight solution to enable extended duration search and bomb disposal missions in high threat environments. Key features include pouches for interchangeable armour to adjust based on threat intelligence and integrated cooling to increase comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

2010 Suit

The 2010 de-mining apron and leg protection provides high level safety for de-mining operations. Optional full arm and leg protection is available for increased coverage, as well as a range of helmets for mission specific requirements.

CBRN Visor

The CBRN Visor, designed to integrate with the 4020 Elite bomb suit accommodates CBRN face masks, protecting the EOD technician where a CBRN threat is present.

Download The EOD Brochure

For more information about the newest EOD suit in our range, download the 4030 ELITE brochure via the link below. Other EOD brochures can be found in resources.

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