NP Aerospace to Supply Vehicle Armour for German Army’s WIESEL Platform

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New Contract for the German Army’s WIESEL 1 Armoured Weapons Carrier


Ontario, Canada. Canadian First Nation owned global armour provider, NP Aerospace, has been awarded a contract by FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH for the German Army’s WIESEL 1 Armoured Weapons Carrier (AWC) vehicle.

NP Aerospace will supply its lightweight CAMAC armour solutions for 181 AWC vehicles over a two-year period. CAMAC is a patented, composite vehicle armour solution that provides ultra-light enhanced survivability for platform and crew, increased ground manoeuvrability and improved air transportability.

WIESEL 1 was developed for the German Army to meet a requirement for an air-transportable light armoured tracked vehicle, for use by airborne troops. The key focus of the Government funded upgrade programme is chassis improvements, ballistic and mine protection and the integration of communications and weapons systems. It applies to three AWC variants, ensuring they remain in service beyond 2030.

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, comments: “We are thrilled with this contract award and the relationship we have built with FFG in securing this opportunity. It further highlights NP Aerospace’s world class armour technology and our ability to deliver complex vehicle armour integration programs on time and on budget.”

Helge Carstensen, Director of the Military Programs Division at FFG, comments: “We are proud of this result – this contract is an important project for us and at the same time a confirmation of the good work of the FFG during the Service Life Extension measures. This will further strengthen our position as a reliable supplier to the German Armed Forces and will once again prove our ability to deliver on schedule and on budget.”

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About NP Aerospace

NP Aerospace is a global armour technology manufacturer and vehicle integrator with an extensive portfolio developed using ultra-lightweight, high performance materials. The company is owned by the Pasqua First Nations located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and NP Aerospace CEO, James Kempston.

NP Aerospace products protect the lives of military and law enforcement personnel, enhancing security and resilience in high threat environments. The portfolio includes Ballistic Helmets and Shields, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Suits, Body Armour Plates and Composite Armour for vehicles, vessels or aircraft. NP Aerospace has integrated and supported over 2,000 military vehicles and supplied one million combat helmets to UK, Canada, Italy and NATO allies and 200,000 body armour plates to British and Canadian Armed Forces.