Military-to-Civilian Journey at NP Aerospace: A Seamless Transition

Military to Civilian Journey: Interview with Nathan Persaud

After dedicating 13 and a half years to the British Army as a Class 1 Vehicle Mechanic in the REME, the prospect of leaving the service and navigating the civilian job market can be an intimidating endeavour.

Served: April 2010 – October 2023 (13 Years)

Served in REME as a vehicle mechanic conducting exercises in UK, Germany, Kenya, Canada and UAE.  

The landscape has transformed significantly, influenced by technological advancements that have reshaped how people interact and secure employment. Nathan’s journey, however, serves as a testament to a smooth transition facilitated by a supportive recruitment process created by NP Aerospace.

As part of his resettlement process, Nathan participated in the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP) course, a pivotal resource guiding military personnel through the intricacies of transitioning into civilian employment. The CTP job site emerged as a valuable tool, connecting military individuals with prospective employers. It was here that Nathan discovered NP Aerospace.

Upon applying for a role within NPA, Nathan’s experience took a positive turn. The same day, NPA’s Recruitment Manager reached out, initiating a conversation that extended beyond the applied role.

Discussions revolved around identifying positions within NPA that best aligned with Nathan’s skillset, demonstrating the company’s commitment to placing individuals in roles suited to their strengths. Following a successful interview process and meeting the team, Nathan seamlessly became a part of the NP Aerospace family.

Nathan Persaud, PMETS Supportability Engineer comments ” What initially appeared as a daunting prospect transformed into a supported and smooth process, thanks to the presence of Army veterans within my team and the welcoming family atmosphere at NP Aerospace.”

What it means to be working in a defence company: “Using the knowledge of military vehicles I gained in the REME I can have a positive effect on the supportability of the equipment in the hands of the user.”

Recognising the value of continued service, Nathan opted to become an Army Reserve and found unwavering support from the entire NPA team. The company’s policies reflect this commitment, providing Nathan with the time and resources essential for attending training nights and weekends, including annual camps, without conflict with his professional responsibilities.

NP Aerospace stands as a committed advocate for the armed forces and a workplace that values its employees.

Nathan actively contributes to this ethos by sharing job openings on Army/REME groups on LinkedIn, reaching out to service leavers, and providing advice and guidance based on his personal experiences.

He actively supports NPA at job fairs for service leavers, leveraging the opportunity to connect with potential candidates and recommend NPA as a highly supportive employer.

Furthermore, Nathan’s commitment extends beyond recruitment efforts. Even when NPA cannot directly employ a service leaver, he and the team dedicate time to offer help by answering questions and providing guidance that may contribute to their successful employment elsewhere.

Nathan’s journey at NP Aerospace is not just about a successful transition; it’s a story of ongoing support, advocacy, and a commitment to empowering individuals from military backgrounds in their civilian careers.