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Our Composites and Defence Systems business is split across three sites.

Advanced Armour Systems

Headquartered in Coventry, UK, our cutting edge 80,000 sqft  Advanced Armour Systems facility houses our engineering, design, composites and armour manufacturing. The site is accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and houses our independently UKAS 17025 accredited Ballistics Centre of Excellence testing laboratory.

Our Advanced Armour Systems business also has a regional office and manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, Canada to serve customers in North America.

Vehicle Systems and Services

Also located in Coventry, UK, our extensive 30,000 sqft Vehicle Systems and Services facility allows us to deliver full military vehicle integration, through life support services and repairs and refurbishments. Further to this our in-house inventory management facility stocks and delivers spares directly to our customers’ supply operations, providing immediate response to user demand.