Home Office Awards Level Peaks and NP Aerospace CAST Accreditation

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Level Peaks Associates is proud to announce that its Adaptive Vest System, in conjunction with the NP Aerospace LASA LWB III+ IC06 Lightweight Buoyant Ballistic Hard Armour plate, has been awarded Certificate of Accreditation by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science & Technology (CAST).

The Centre for Applied Science & Technology (CAST) has confirmed that the Adaptive Vest System in conjunction with the NP Aerospace LASA LWB III+ IC06 Ballistic Hard Armour Plate has met the minimum requirements of Body Armour Standard 012/17 and has been accredited by the Home Office.

Level Peaks Associates supplies high-performance tactical gear to elite forces across the world. NP Aerospace is a global manufacturer of personal armour and vehicle armour used by major military organisations. Both are key partners to the UK Ministry of Defence, UK Police Forces and NATO military forces. The announcement extends both companies’ product offerings into elite law enforcement.

Jim Clarke, Director of Programs at Level Peaks Associates, comments: “Level Peaks supply products to specialists who demand the best capability. The Adaptive Vest System is one of our latest innovations designed for Armed police and other specialist users. Working in conjunction with NP Aerospace has allowed us to provide the highest level of ballistic protection against the latest advanced threats combined with a lightweight solution for enhanced user mobility.”

James Kempston, CEO NP Aerospace, comments: “Our Level III+ IC06 CAST Ballistic Plate is one of our lightest high protection plates designed to stop rifle rounds including AK47. Being awarded CAST certificate of accreditation extends our reach into law enforcement, enabling police forces to fight crime effectively using well established military products. Level Peaks are a very well-established market leader and we are pleased to be working together to provide integrated systems.”

Level Peaks NP Aerospace Armour System
Level Peaks Adaptive Vest System with NP Aerospace Ballistic Armour

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NP Aerospace is a global armour technology manufacturer and vehicle integrator with an extensive portfolio developed using ultra-lightweight, high performance materials. Our products protect the lives of military and law enforcement personnel, enhancing security and resilience in high threat environments. The portfolio includes Ballistic Helmets and Shields, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Suits, Body Armour Plates and Composite Armour for vehicles, vessels or aircraft. NP Aerospace has integrated and supported over 2,000 military vehicles and supplied one million combat helmets to UK, Canada, Italy and NATO allies and 200,000 body armour plates to British and Canadian Armed Forces. To find out more visit www.npaerospace.com

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Level Peaks Associates is a proud supplier of world class systems to UK Ministry of Defence, UK Police Forces, NATO military forces and specialists who demand the best capability. We supply tactical capabilities ranging from polymer rifle magazines and fully scalable integrated combat clothing systems to Unmanned Air Systems and advanced rocket systems. Multiple International and Government agencies trust us to supply capability that works, on time and on budget. At Level Peaks Associates we fuse years of high-level operational experience and knowledge, with technology. The result is top class, forward thinking integrated systems for use by demanding professionals in demanding environments. As Veterans, we share the values of our customers. Like them, we respect life so appreciate their sacrifices and efforts to make the World safer, and we will only ever put our name to systems we would wear, carry or use ourselves. www.levelpeaks.com