Silverback® CBRN Visor

The Silverback CBRN Visor works in conjunction with NP Aerospace’s cutting edge Silverback 4020 Elite bomb suit to provide a complete Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear protective solution when dealing with explosive ordinance.

Designed using the latest generation lightweight, ballistic protective materials, the Silverback CBRN Visor features a wider surface area in comparison with a standard Silverback 4020 Elite helmet to accommodate the wearing of leading CBRN facemasks.  Air purification systems and respirators attach to the MOLLE strips on the back of the Silverback’s 4020 Elite bomb suit to deliver a complete CBRN solution.

Key Benefits
Outstanding Situational Awareness
The Silverback CBRN Visor delivers the same benefits as a standard Silverback 4020 Elite visor whilst enabling CBRN protection.  Powerful integrated de-misting technology and a wide field enables optimum situational awareness for operator flexibility.
Tested beyond doubt
The Silverback CBRN Visor as part of the Silverback 4020 Elite suit has been extensively blast tested against the NIJ 0117.01 bomb suit test standard and other key blast tests, ensuring exceptional performance levels of survivability against all aspects of blast.

For new customers and upgrades
The Silverback CBRN Visor can be purchased in the following configurations, making the product applicable for both new customers and existing Silverback 4020 Elite users who wish to upgrade to a CBRN EOD solution: