LASA® LWA IV- SA06 Plate

The LASA® LWA IV- SA06 body armour plate provides ultra-lightweight multi-hit protection against the a range of armour piecing threats, including the 7.62mm BZ API and SS109 round (Green Tip).

Weighing just 2kg/4.4lbs for a medium plate, with a thickness of 25mm, the LASA LWA IV- SA06 body armour plate delivers outstanding protection at NIJ 0101.06. 

Key Features

  • Each body armour plate weighs 2kg (medium size)
  • 14mm thickness
  • Passed testing against a range of threats in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 Level IV
    • 62mm x 39 API BZ @ 720 m/s
    • 56mm x 45 SS109 @ 950 m/s
  • Passes stringent NIJ 0101.06 drop test requirements
  • Incorporates NP Aerospace’s patented crack mitigation system to deliver outstanding multi-hit protection

 Sizes and Options