LASA® LWA III+ 109 IC06 Plate

 The LASA® LWA III+ 109 IC06 body armour plate provides ultra-lightweight multi-hit protection against the SS109 round (green tip), threats at NIJ Level III and a range of special threats, all tested in conjunction with the NIJ 0101.06 test standard.

Weighing just 1.6kg/3.5lbs and a plate thickness of just of 21+1mm, the LASA® LWA III+ 109 IC06 ballistic insert has been developed to directly address the safety concerns of military, law enforcement and security personnel against the growing threat of the ‘green tip’ SS109 round.

The LASA® LWA III+ 109 IC06 works in conjunction with approved NIJ Level IIIa soft armour.  It delivers a lightweight alternative to the heavier NIJ Level IV plate, as well as the standard NIJ Level III ballistic insert, which critically can be pierced by the SS109 round.

Key Features

  • Weighs 1.65kg/3.5lbs per body armour plate (medium size)
  • 21+1mm thickness
  • Works in conjunction with approved NIJ Level IIIa soft armour
  • Five year performance and quality warranty
  • Tested in accordance to NIJ 0101.06 against the following special threats
    • 62 x 51mm 149gr M80 FMJ
    • 62 x 39mm 123gr PS Ball (Mild Steel Core)
    • 56 x 45mm 62gr Ball (M855/SS109)
  • Offers a lightweight solution for NIJ Level III, special threats and SS109 ‘green tip’ ammunition, without the extra weight burden of NIJ Level IV body armour
  • Passes stringent NIJ 0101.06 drop test requirements

 Sizes and Options