We operate a wide suite of composites processing equipment, allowing us to deliver advanced composite solutions across a range of industries.


Composite Moulding Facilities

Our composite moulding equipment includes:

  • Curing ovens
  • Three Autoclaves
  • Hydraulic presses

Using our years of experience and in-depth process knowledge we can select the optimal moulding method for every component.

Injection Moulding Facilities

Our injection moulding facility can process the full range of thermoplastic materials from commonly used materials such as ABS and Polypropylene, through to high performance engineered materials such as fibre reinforced Nylon and PEEK.

Machining Facilities

We operate a well-equipped machining centre, capable of achieving high levels of accuracy in both composites and traditional engineering materials. 

 Our machining facilities include:

  • AAB robot-mounted five-axis water jet cutter
  • Five-axis CNC and three-axis CNC machines
  • Flow Mach 3 Waterjet cutter with 4m x 2m bed

Finishing Facilities

A varied selection of on-site coating equipment enables us to provide a wide range of finishing options.  Our finishing facilities include:

Composite finishing booths

  • A number of painting booths, producing a range of finishes; matt & gloss paint systems, textured Finishes and coatings
  • A Line-X™ Environmental Coating application facility, producing a protective finish for a variety of applications

Inspection Facilities

Our inspection facilities include:

  • LK Automated CMM Inspection Table: accurate inspection to 0.001mm
  • X-Ray: Crack/Defect Detection and Inclusion monitoring capability
  • OGP Optical Gauging Machine: Visual inspection of small components, accurate to 3µm


Ballistics Centre of Excellence

The on-site test laboratory at NP Aerospace is well equipped with a multitude of testing rigs, enabling rapid development of structural design and verification of production accuracy.

Some of our Equipment includes;

  • Instron Tensile Testing
  • Repetitive Loading Rig used for fatigue testing
  • Impact Test equipment for BS6658 validation
  • LK Automated CMM Inspection Table:
  • OGP Optical Gauging Machine: Visual inspection
  • X-Ray: Crack/Defect Detection and Inclusion monitoring capability
  • Environmental (Humidity/Temperature) Testing chamber

For further information, visit our dedicated Ballistics Centre of Excellence page.