Ballistics Centre of Excellence

Testing At STANAG 4569 Level 4 Dark Duotone

On-site Facility

Our on-site independently audited UKAS accredited Ballistics Centre of Excellence keeps us at the forefront of armour technology. This extensive test facility includes a range of equipment enabling in depth on-site research and development for composite armour and commercial products, as well as ongoing verification of production accuracy.

The extensive test facility includes a range of equipment enabling cutting edge composite armour Research and Development as well as validation and ongoing verification of production performance. With a combination of volume manufacturing, in-house product development and extensive test facilities, NP Aerospace is able to respond quickly to customer requirements, with a high level of confidence

Our capabilities include:

Two Onsite Live Firing Ballistic Ranges

High Pressure Helium Propelled Gas Gun

Non-Destructive Testing Capabilities

Impact Rig

Instron Material Analysis and Testing

NP Aerospace Ballistics Range

Anti-Counterfeit Policy

NP Aerospace understands that counterfeiting is a serious issue and poses a significant safety hazard within our industry. We have adopted an Anti-Counterfeit Policy to eliminate the impact of counterfeit products on NP Aerospace and our customers. This is a zero tolerance Policy against knowingly and intentionally trafficking counterfeit goods.

NP Aerospace does not use, nor condone the use of counterfeit products. We also expect our supply chain to adhere to our ethical business standards and mirror our practices and procedures. To support this policy of ensuring that there is a low risk of counterfeit products entering our supply chain, NP Aerospace maintains processes to ensure purchases are only made directly from approved suppliers such as OEMs, manufacturers, franchised distributors or agents. Should a suspect counterfeit or counterfeit product be found, NP Aerospace shall quarantine such material and report the finding to the supplier and appropriate authorities.