Ballistic Laboratory & Range

Testing At STANAG 4569 Level 4 Dark Duotone

Mission Critical Protection: Tested to Extremes.

On-site Laboratory Facility

Our on-site independently audited ISO 17025 UKAS accredited Ballistic Laboratory and Range enhances our capabilities and keeps us at the forefront of armour technology. Our extensive test facility and team of experts enables  in depth research and development on-site for composite armour and commercial products, as well as validation and ongoing verification of production accuracy and performance.

History and Expertise

NP Aerospace’s ballistic range opened in 1989, employing a technical team with a combined 50 years of experience. Programmes worked on have included UK MOD Osprey plates, , the Cougar fleet (Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound, Buffalo, MAN truck), MK 6 Bomb Disposal Suit and DSTL projects. The team also carried out the testing for the Canadian Department of National Defence CM735 helmet and various vehicle OEM projects. More recently NP Aerospace has completed an extensive testing programme for body armour for Ukraine as well as police programmes such as the UK Met Police. The company continues to focus on special classified projects and various external customer testing.

Testing Standards

We can meet a variety of testing standards, accredited or in accordance with:


With a combination of volume manufacturing, in-house product development and extensive test facilities, NP Aerospace can respond quickly to customer requirements, with the highest level of confidence. Our processes are also important which is why we secure additional accreditations such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Firing Range

We have two on-site Live Firing Ballistic Ranges able to meet various requirements:

Laboratory Equipment
We have a range of equipment for blunt impact testing and verification of structural rigidity:

High Pressure Helium Propelled Gas Gun

Non-Destructive Testing Capabilities

Impact Rig

Instron Material Analysis and Testing

NP Aerospace Ballistics Range

External testing

With our team expertise we can offer confidential high level product testing services for your business. We can complete Non-Disclosure Agreements and provide extensive test reports.

Confidentiality focus – As we are UKAS accredited, it means we are independently audited, deliver confidential reports, ISO audit passed & UKAS. On site review of testing liaising with team etc.

External testing

With our in-house team expertise and experience of working with Government organisations we can offer confidential high levelproduct testing services for your business and extensive test reports.

As we are UKAS accredited, we are independently audited and pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of service. We also work with external national and international test houses to meet specific requirements.

Service Offering

Our team delivers a range of materials as part of our service:

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